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Company History  
Jiuzhou Food was founded in 1990, 20 years to the promotion of Taiwan's food industry raw materials, continued to provide customers with peace of mind and rest assured products,, after plasticizing agents, poison starch, cloud agent event Jiuzhou food all the way checks, uphold the "Peace of Mind, Heart, Innovative" spirit along the way, in the future we will continue to provide customers the best quality products at ease, continued to maintain a heart is to serve the customer.

Professional Services
Jiuzhou Food In addition to providing general merchandise wholesale supply of food materials, there were pioneering exhibition store planning, careful guidance of qualified personnel to provide the most comprehensive entrepreneurship education and training and service, hands-on way for each determined to venture foam beverage lovers business counseling services, the efforts to meet the market demand, and create new value for customers.
International Certification
Jiuzhou food in order to provide better service quality and peace of mind to our customers food Through food safety management ISO 22000 / Hazard Analysis and key control point HACCP international certification So that our customers can not only buy peace of mind you can eat at ease.
Future, we will continue to better attitude, play team advantage and competitiveness in order to steady growth, sustainable business model, the Taiwanese drinks towards diversification and international development forward, to meet the needs of the broader market, please contact us sharing!
Agents and Distribution
Jiuzhou food to provide a more stable quality and better services to overseas customers, strong and as we have sought to push the internationalization of Taiwan drinks warm friends, with the Taiwanese culture to every corner of the drinks industry.