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Tapioca Pearls  
Tapioca Pearl
Tapioca Pearl
规  格 3KG/BAG
包  装 6BAGS/CTN
有效日期 6 Months
  • Q super fragrant brown sugar flavor Pearl, Brilliant clear, strong and let your sweet enough, unlike the market, pink circle, Q bomb taste can be maintained for up to eight hours.
Product Description

100% natural powder round, mellow taste Q bomb strong and capsules fragrant brown sugar blended with real, natural and reassuring brand stand for 30 years, selling more than 60 million packets of global super-popular brands.
High-temperature extraction of its ancient glycol, and offers different particle pink circle cook, just the right time boring, so Q bomb taste when eaten, can be just right. Gently shake before eating, another on a round plump brown sugar granules scattered bubbling pure incense.

  尺寸 Size   Cook       Cover
2.5MM  30min  35min
2.3mm  25min 30min
 2.0mm     15min      15min  
 1.2mm  7min  7min

 Recommended cooking method:
1. Pour 6000 ml of boiling water into the pot and boil over high
2. Pour 1 kg of powder and mix well.
3. After the powder floats all float and the water boils again, turn to
    a small fire and cover the lid halfway.
4. Timed according to the time of cooking in the table of powder
5. After the time has elapsed, remove the stove and close the lid, and
    check the table according to the size of the powder.
    Time to time.
6. After boring, filter the hot water, add fructose, sugar, and honey         for 15 minutes.Yes, please save at room temperature.

Certificates: ISO 22000 / HACCP / HALAL

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